Taxi and Limo Call Experts

Our Expertise

Proud Know-it-alls when it comes to ground transportation. Our staff knows all there is to it about taxi and limo business, and they are perfectly polite and helpful.

Our clients are constantly sending us positive feedback about the customer service and level of care our dedicated agents provide for their callers. They have stated that their customer satisfaction rates are through the roof, and that they are very pleased with our agents’ ability to defuse unpleasant situations. With Globalkom’s affordable solution for taxi call center, you save money and get better return on investment without compromising the quality of the customer care.

Improve reputation, offer 24/7 availability and increase your ROI with an outsourced taxi call center.

No matter what the volume of your business is and whether you need an entire team of professional call center agents or just a single person, we can offer custom-fitted outsourcing solutions for your call center needs.

Dedicated agents will only work for your limo or car service company. Due to our vast ground transportation experience, our staff is ready to jump in immediately and provide assistance, without lengthy trainings and courses.

Need a call center?

Hire expert ground transportation call center team that already knows your business.